Have fun with this new type of
marine activity,
sharing smiles with family or friends!

Motor along slowly, peek into the water,
and discover other ways to enjoy the Wheeebo.
It will make your time with friends or family even more special!

Set up a floating
café or play a game of tag…
Create your own water games to play!

Quietly sip some tea while you float on the water
or enjoy a rowdy game of tag.
Invent new water-top activities and ways to play,
and have a great time!

Want to have fun but stay dry?
Or maybe it's fun to get wet anyway!
Find new excitement with a Wheeebo!

When you can ride it well,
you can go anywhere on the water.
And even if you fall off, it's still fun!
Master the Wheeebo and move around at will!


On the sea, on a lake, or on a river…
Any time is Wheeebo time!