Why not get away
from the hectic
pace of life and feel the power of nature in a space all your own?

Float on the water, feel the morning sun on your body, and breathe deeply.
Surrender all tensions as you merge your spirit with nature.

Feel the power that nature
gives you and find a mode of
enjoyment all your own

Perhaps read a book on the water,
do yoga by the sound of waves,
or reflect in quiet meditation.

Or take a slow cruise of
your own design and more on the Wheeebo.

The Wheeebo gives you a special seat
free of disturbances with the sky
and waves all to yourself

Float upon emerald seas under a cloudless blue sky
and feel the water's motion below you.
Be at one with nature and reenergize your spirit.


On the sea, on a lake, or on a river…
Any time is Wheeebo time!